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Save high-quality videos from Instagram straight to your device. Do all that in a few clicks and a video link. Literally, no questions asked, only answers.

Instagram Video Downloader

Save high-quality videos from Instagram straight to your device. Do all that in a few clicks and a video link. Literally, no questions asked, only answers.

Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram stories are the absolute best, don’t you agree? We are giving you a chance to use Instagram story viewer and download Instagram stories before it’s gone forever! IG gives you 24 hours, but with Instagram Downloader, how about a lifetime?

Download Instagram Video and Photos

If you want to keep memories locked forever, then, by all means, this is the tool you need. Not only will you keep these moments, but the Instagram Downloader also opens up the possibility of using these photos for future content.

Download Private Instagram Video and IGTV

Private Instagram videos and IGTV are hard to access since you have to be a follower of the account to see the video. That’s why a platform that’s able to download private Instagram videos is so rare. You may have to use a PC to unleash this feature, but who cares? Instagram Downloader will get the job done.

Unlimited Download Instagram Profile and Secure

When it comes to viewing and downloading Instagram videos, pics, and stories, nobody wants to be put in a box. Of course, you’d want to run it as long as you can, and that’s exactly what Instagram Downloader will do. Download Instagram pics, videos, and stories all you want, and not worry a thing about security, malware, and whatnot.

Best part of all, it’s FREE!

Ain’t that music in your ears? And it’s true! The Instagram Downloader won’t cost you a penny. It would only take a simple registration and the whole Instagram world will be your oyster. If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is.

Instagram is the third most popular social media network behind Facebook and YouTube, with 1 billion active monthly users. Imagine all the videos, stories, and pictures that all of these users, in which the majority are under 34 years old, are posting every single day! Don’t you fancy having access to all these media at your fingertips? Well, that’s what Instagram Downloader is here for.

What exactly is Instagram Downloader.? It’s simple. It does exactly what it says it will do. Through Instagram Downloader, you can download Instagram videos to MP4 or MP3, download Instagram pics, and download Instagram stories anywhere and anytime you want. Yes, you may now download from Instagram any pic, videos, or story that you want-- before it’s gone forever! You may even download private Instagram videos, which is a rarity in this kind of platform.

You see, Instagram is flooded with high-quality pictures, but they have no native option to download them. You will have to deal with HTML, which is not rocket science but can be a little frustrating if you’re not exactly a techie. And this could be a problem if you want to delete your account, but want to save all the pictures that you have. After pictures, there could also be videos that you want to back up. The best solution to all these Instagram backup problems is our very own Instagram Downloader.

If you want to know how to download Instagram photos and videos using our Instagram Downloader, then pay attention because this will be short and quick. It will only need four easy steps!

Tap the icon above the image (the one with the three vertical dots).
In that said icon, choose the “Copy Link” option.
Paste the image’s URL in the box provided at the Instagram Downloader website.
Hit download and then download the picture afterward.

The same process can be applied if you want to download Instagram videos. Really, it’s a no-brainer you can do it in your sleep! We promise you that this will be the only Instagram video downloader, Instagram picture downloader, Instagram story viewer and Instagram story downloader that you’ll ever need.

But hey, that’s not the only promise we’ll throw your way. We promise that you may start using Instagram Downloader without paying anything. We also assure you that every download is secure, and there will be no malware or anything of that sort that you’ll get from using Instagram Downloader. With Instagram Downloader, download Instagram videos, and download Instagram pictures without worry.

Just a word of caution: While it is 100% legal to download Instagram pictures, stories, and videos from other people’s accounts, bear in mind that it should be for personal use only. Never use it to make money. If you do want to reuse it online, the best route would be to get permission from the owner and perhaps obtain written consent from them. Otherwise, just enjoy Instagram in all its glory with the Instagram Downloader.